Stihl BGA 85 : Cordless Blower

Standard equipment

  • AP 200 batteryZoom
    AP 200 battery

    Powerful 36V lithium-ion battery, providing an output of 151 Wh. The AP 200 battery can be used to power any STIHL or VIKING cordless tool (excluding HSA 25 shrub shears). With charge level indication (LED). Compatible with the AL 100 standard charger, AL 300 quick charger and AL 500 hi-speed charger.

  • Multi-function handleZoom
    Multi-function handle

    Thanks to the multi-function handle, all the controls can be activated with one hand. The control level allows the user to continuously adjust the engine speed. Simple and reliable operation, no matter whether you are right or left-handed.

  • Two-stage axial blowerZoom
    Two-stage axial blower

    The two-stage axial blower operates like a fan to eject the maximum volume of high-speed air and produce unparalleled blowing results.

  • Safety locking buttonZoom
    Safety locking button

    All STIHL battery products have a locking button with which you can lock the device. This prevents the blower starting unintentionally when a live battery is inserted.

  • Hanging loopZoom
    Hanging loop

    Hang your cordless blower securely on a wall to save space using the loop in the handle housing.

  • STIHL Electric Engine (EC)Zoom
    STIHL Electric Engine (EC)

    The STIHL electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly, generates very low vibrations and does not require servicing.

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.


2023 Duckworth 20 Advantage XT

There is not another model quite like the Advantage XT in the Duckworth lineup. When you step aboard, you will notice the differences instantly. This model features Duckworth’s integral bottom extension and Offshore Bracket™ to securely mount the outboard motor. The motor is set back from the transom to free up all the interior space for fun. Since there is no splash well, a full-width bench provides rear seating for up to four mates. (Plus two captain seats and smaller benches in the front.) A rear swim platform and optional ski pylon and folding ladder allow worry-free water sports. It’s packed full of performance too. The full reverse chine bottom lifts the hull with ease and tracks straight and true. The bow design features an aggressive 28° vee for an ultimate open-water ride that lives up to Duckworth’s reputation.

2022 Duckworth 21 Discovery (Red)

THE ULTIMATE SPORTFISHER EVEN WHEN THE WATER TURNS “SPORTY.” The 21 Discovery is the newest flagship of the Duckworth line. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’ve combined every single thing we’ve learned in the past 50 years into this incredibly agile machine, engineered with perfect balance at rest and on plane. At slow speeds, the high freeboard and wide bottom offer a rock-solid, stable fishing platform. Once on step, these attributes, combined with our reverse chine design, turn this fishing vessel into a high-performance vehicle. Tight cornering, responsive agility, and a wave-taming bow deadrise deliver total control. First-class interior amenities include USB ports, plush upholstery, ample room for rods and tackle, and expansive fish storage compartments. MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES Is there a single model that can do it all? Yes, indeed. The Discovery offers ultra-comfortable cruising, high-performance angling, and watersports towing in a single package. REAR TRANSOM DOOR The only 21-footer to offer the convenience of a rear transom entry door. Loading and unloading become a breeze, not a chore. Kids and elders will thank you.

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