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For users of AK Series products looking for the next level of performance at a great value, the STIHL AK 20 battery not only delivers double the capacity of the AK 10, but it still features the innovative benefits that make the AK Series of batteries a dependable and high-performing battery-powered option. The AK 20 has a long service life with the ability to withstand 1,500 charge cycles.

Run time may vary based charge level and operating style.


When you need more power to cut through your landscaping tasks, the STIHL FS 111 R trimmer has the extra muscle you’re looking for. Its low exhaust emission engine is powerful and provides 30% longer run times than the previous model. This professional trimmer features a three-step start procedure that saves users time, and a vertical pleated paper air filter for extended service intervals. It also features a rubberized loop handle, providing a comfortable grip of product for users to work with ease while cutting through thick and thin.


Greater battery capacity to cover your needs for the bigger jobs, is offered by the AP 300 S Lithium-Ion Battery from STIHL. The AP 300 S features a 25 percent increase in battery capacity over the AP 300, equaling up to 25 percent longer run time, as well as an enhanced power-to-weight ratio and a weight of only 3.9 pounds. Water resistant*, the AP 300 S is compatible with a wide range of tools, including extended-reach hedge trimmers, pole pruners, chainsaws and blowers. Knock out tasks like storm cleanup faster with the professional-level performance of the AP 300 S battery from STIHL.

*When paired with tool suitable for wet or rainy conditions. Tools that are suitable for rainy or wet conditions should be dried after use.


  • Comfort carrying system
    Thanks to the comfort carrying system, the BGA 200 can be used in different ways – hand-carried or hooked into the holder positioned on the side of the body. The change is easy and takes seconds and the workload is enormously easier – especially for longer assignments.
  • Second handleZoom
    Second handle
    Ensures an increase in working comfort by changing the working position. It is ideal when used with the comfort carrying system.
  • Lock modeZoom
    Lock mode
    Allows you to lock any desired level of blowing speed at the push of a button. It is ideal when used with the comfort carrying system and the second handle.
  • Quick adjustment of the blowpipeZoom
    Quick adjustment of the blowpipe
    The BGA 200 has a quick adjustment of the blowpipe at the push of a button. For example, the blowpipe can be shortened in no time for use in narrow work areas – and can then be extended again just as quickly and easily. This enables comfortable work with high efficiency in all cleaning situations.Wrist-relief
    Due to the curved shape, the device does not “tip” away during blowing. Even in the boost mode, there are no torsional forces in the wrist. This ensures wrist-friendly, comfortable work.
  • Central control unitZoom
    Central control unit
    For maximum energy efficiency, the output can be adapted to the respective task via three output levels. The respective power level is indicated by illuminated LEDs.
  • Boost functionZoom
    Boost function
    By overpressing the switch lever, the maximum blowing force is available regardless of the preselected power level. The hand position does not have to be changed.
  • Hanging loopZoom
    Hanging loop
    There is a hanging opening in the handle housing, where you can hang the device securely on the wall.
  • 2-in-1 working modesZoom
    2-in-1 working modes
    The BGA 200 is flexible to use thanks to two working modes. Handheld mode is ideal in tight or narrow areas. In the suspended mode with the standard comfort carrying system, large areas can be comfortably cleaned even during all-day work.
Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.


Part of the AI Series, the HSA 45 hedge trimmer delivers high cutting speeds and a compact, ergonomic design. It is lightweight for enhanced portability and features an integrated battery – so no separate battery or charger to manage. On a single charge, the HSA 45 can trim a hedge 20″ wide and a length longer than a football field (360 feet). And with its high cutting speeds of 2,500 strokes per minute, it will take care of your small, urban yard in no time. It’s a great battery-powered hedge trimmer for smaller property care.


The STIHL MS 251 WOOD BOSS® Chainsaw is designed to deliver all the power you’d expect from STIHL equipment yet with a comfortable and ergonomic design. The MS 251 WOOD BOSS® is perfect for felling small trees, pruning and thinning, and cutting firewood simply and efficiently. And with up to 20 percent fuel savings and 50 percent reduced emissions (as compared to previous models), you can enjoy a longer run time while feeling good about your impact on the environment. Features like a Master Control Lever™ and reduced vibration make the STIHL MS 251 WOOD BOSS® a lean, easy-to-use machine that still packs plenty of power.

MS251-Z Owners Manual

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