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Caring for your engine drive will prolong the life of your boat. Service includes inspection of the drive system components, checking the steering, and replacing seals and lube by our factory certified technicians.

Changing the oil on your boat is essential to the life of your boat's engine, keeping it clean and running smoothly.

For a new boat, most engine manufacturers recommend changing your oil after the first 10-20 hours. After that, Madras Marine recommends changing after every 50 hours or at least once-per-year, whichever comes first. You can find the exact requirements for your boat's engine in your owner's manual.

Impellers pump water into your boat's engine to keep it cool while in use. Impellers work best when run regularly, but can be damaged by the debris or chemicals that are sucked in. Correctly installed, and regularly maintained impellers will insure an enjoyable experience.

Technicians will strip away the old and apply a new special coating of paint to extend the life of your hull and keep you out enjoying the water.

Our full service detailing includes a complete wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces, including vinyl, metal, non-skid, and windows, followed by an application of wax/cleaner wax using a high-speed power buffer on all fiberglass, plus cleaning above deck compartments, UV vinyl treatment, metal shine, window treatment, canvas cleaning, and helm cleaning. Scum line treatment is also included.

Our express detailing includes a complete wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces, including vinyl, metal, non-skid, and windows, followed by an application of wax/cleaner.

Our experienced team of technicians are experts at repair; and we'll have your equipment looking new again in no time.

Madras Marine wants to help keep you on the water creating lasting memories. Our Service Department can handle anything from minor engine repairs to major engine overhauls. We have full-time factory certified technicians on staff, and diagnostic equipment available to quickly determine the source of the problem and the solution to get you back out on the water.

Your propeller is the key to getting where you want to go. Did you know that even a small bend or nick in a blade can impact the performance of your boat, causing damage to your engine and/or transmission? Let our expert technicians at Madras Marine repair those small bends and nicks and keep your boat running smoothly & efficiently.

We offer expert welding and repairs for all types of aluminum boats, pontoons and tritoons.

Repowering is exactly what it sounds like: getting a new and better power source behind your boat. Whether that is by rebuilding your engine or installing a new one, this cost-efficient option is a great alternative to purchasing a new boat or continuing expensive maintenance on an aging engine. There are many reasons that people choose to repower their boat. Buying a new boat may not be in your budget at the moment or you may simply want a better, more powerful or fuel efficient engine.

If you're looking at customizing your boat with new electronics and stereo, GPS

  • Chart plotters
  • Autopilot
  • VHF Radios
  • Depth sounders
  • Fishfinders
  • Stereo upgrades and Installs
  • Underwater lighting
  • Interior lighting

    Fall Preventative Maintenance

  • Oil & Filter changes on engines
  • Drive & Transmission service

    Spring Maintenance

  • Spring Start up
  • Replace engine water pump impellers

Let Madras Marine get your boat "winter-ready". Our experienced technicians will flush the engine, drain the engine block and protect it with antifreeze.

  • Draining water from the engine, seawater wash down, heat exchangers, shaft coolers, transmission oil coolers, sea strainers, and seacocks.
  • We use -50 degree non-toxic, environmentally safe antifreeze with corrosion inhibitors.

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